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Posted by [3Q] roncli,
Congratulations goes out to Sorry Guys for taking the Season 5 Mid-Season Invitational 3-1 over Invidia, and to SpaceCowboys for their impressive sweep of DynaCore Enterprises in the Best of the Rest tournament! SG will get that all important 2 additional points in their Season 5 Championships group stage in July.

With the advent of olmod v0.4.0, it's important that everyone be aware that the balance of many weapons in Overload have been changed. See the release notes for olmod v0.4.0 at for a full list of changes.

This doesn't just involve weapon damage, either. Respawning has changed, favoring not spawning near opponents. Reduced shader cloak has changed to be harder to see, more on par with normal shader cloak. New settings exist under multiplayer options to change the intensity of the damage color and damage blur that occurs when you take damage.

v0.4.0 is the largest change to the game balance yet, and the changes have been all based on feedback from the community. Thanks to everyone who has participated in making this happen, and here's to an even better Overload experience!
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
It is fitting that the most competitive OTL season yet ended in the most competitive finals tournament ever, with Sorry Guys reverse sweeping Invidia to win their 3rd OTL Season Championships 3-2! Congratulations to them, and also to both teams for what was an amazing series! Also congratulations to The Three Queens for their fourth consecutive 3rd place finish!

Also we completed our first ever season-ending Best of the Rest II tournament, with DynaCore Enterprises surprising everyone with a strong finish after being unceremoniously swept out of the Season Championships qualifier. They came back with a 6-3 record to top the group stage and swept Space Cowboys 3-0 to keep the Best of the Rest title in the parent company's trophy case!

We look forward to seeing what the teams do in Season 5, especially with the new changes to olmod that offers lag compensation settings. Good luck to everyone!
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
Is there any stopping Invidia? After taking the Season 4 Mid-Season Invitational with a perfect record, they complete 2020 having lost only 3 games in tournaments this year, all of them in the Season 2 championships in February. Congratulations to them for their win, they will receive 2 points in their Season 4 Championships group for their efforts.

Congratulations are also in order for Argus Industrial Moons for their narrow victory in the first ever Best of the Rest tournament!

With Season 4 drawing to a close on Thursday, December 31, at 5 PM Pacific, that means it's just time for the Season 4 Championships! For the first time ever, we will run it as a three stage tournament, including a new qualifying stage for teams ranked 7th and below. Also, once the Championships hits the knockout stage, we will run a second side tournament, the Best of the Rest II, for the teams eliminated up to that point, which features a triple round robin and a 5 game set for the top 2 teams of the round robin to determine the best of the rest!

A reminder to teams and players that rosters will be locked when Season 5 begins, so make any last minute pilot acquisitions soon!

Good luck to all teams in the Championships!
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
Congratulations to Invidia for winning the Season 3 Championships, 3-0 over Sorry Guys, who take second! Also, The Three Queens three-peat the number three spot. Hmm. 🤔

For Season 4, we are going to focus on improving the experience within the league, starting with some changes to home maps that should be coming by the end of the month. Each team will now have a list of home maps that are specific to the team size being played, including 2v2, 3v3, and games at 4v4 or larger. This means that map selection will come after the team size is agreed to, and may need to change if the team sizes change. We will also be eliminating the stock map requirement, as there are no longer official servers that are restricted to those maps.

We will be going through some balance changes very soon as well, keep an eye on the #balance channel for more information!

Good luck to all teams in Season 4!
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
It's time for the Season 3 Championships! Check out under the Tournaments menu for the current standings for each of the 3 groups in group play. Group stages end Sunday July 19th, followed by the knockout stage!

Season 4 has begun! While the Season 3 Championships is going on, feel free to get your Season 4 campaign against other teams in the league!

Finally, we are doing another end of season survey! Visit and take about 15 minutes to fill out this form if you played at any point in the season. The feedback from this survey could shape the future of the OTL and olmod, and your participation will be greatly appreciated! You will have until Sunday, July 19th to provide your feedback.
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