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Posted by [3Q] roncli,
First, give it up for Sorry Guys for repeating as the Overload Teams League champions for a second straight season! Invidia takes second, and The Three Queens won the third place match that contained a record-setting Game 4 that featured THREE overtime periods!

Also, congratulations to Invidia for taking February's CTF tournament, sporting a perfect record of 4-0!

Today, version 3.0.3 of the bot and website was released. Of note, this version comes with three important rule changes for teams to consider:
1) When issuing the !rematch command, subsequent games will make sure that the color you played in the previous game is the same color you play in the next game. The !challenge command will still balance out colors over time.
2) The captain cap has been removed! If you want a team of ten pilots and all of them are captains, knock yourself out! (Except for the founder, of course!)
3) We are introducing a cap exemption system that will allow teams that are at the roster cap to continue to add members. This is provided for teams who are at the roster cap, but have members interested to join that have a strong connection to one of their teammates, for instance a family member. Cap exempt members will be listed in the #cap-exemptions channel and will have the @Cap Exempt role. The specifics regarding this rule can be found in the #teams channel.
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
Tomorrow, Sunday, February 2nd, at 11 AM Pacific, we'll be running some mixed team matches for fun. Show up and play, we'll even play with non-OTL players if you'd like!

This week, the Season 2 Championships will wrap up, and one of Invidia and Sorry Guys will become the Season 2 champions! Good luck to both teams involved!

Finally, the February One-Day tournament will be Sunday, February 23rd, and we'll be doing CTF matches again, this time restricting the map pool to CTF maps that have come out since the last tournament. That includes:

Cacophony by @[PTMC] Miasmic
Colony by @[PTMC] Miasmic
Grand Traverse by @[DC] JosheM
Halcyon Curved by @jazzyjet
Isle of Dogs by @terminal
Kataclysmica by @jazzyjet (An asymmetrical map!)
Rotunda by @[PTMC] Miasmic
Trichome by @jazzyjet
Turnstile by @[PTMC] Miasmic
Whoopass Cannery by @jazzyjet

We want to find out what time will work for players, so please reuse the #balance for what the best time to run the tournament will be for all teams involved. Keep in mind we try to keep it around 3 hours if possible!
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
Welcome to Season 3! During this season, you'll be able to play Capture the Flag games. See #season-3-changes for a list of notes regarding CTF rules.

Capture the Flag is a team game where each team defends a base. Eacg base contains that team's flag. The goal is to take the flag from the other team's base and return it to the flag in your own team's base to score. The team that does this the most over 20 minutes wins.

Here's a quick primer for founders and captains on how to get setup with CTF on the OTL!

First, setup your team's home maps. The !home command must now be used with the game type. For instance, !home CTF 1 Halycon will set your first CTF home to Halcyon. You must set 5 homes in each game type to send and receive challenges.

Next up, challenges! Currently, challenges default to Team Anarchy, but you can send a Capture the Flag challenge by adding the game type to the end of the challenge: !challenge JOA CTF

The challenge should be played using the game mode the challenge was issued in, unless both teams agree to change the game type of the challenge inside the challenge room. If you want to play Capture the Flag use !suggesttype CTF, and for Team Anarchy use !suggesttype TA. The other team must !confirmtype for the change to be applied to the challenge.

Note that any challenges under the Old Challenges category cannot be change to Capture the Flag because teams wouldn't have had CTF homes at the time the challenge was made.

Finally, the disconnect rule is modified slightly for Capture the Flag. When a player disconnects, play must continue until both flags are in a dropped or returned state. This is to prevent teams from having a player disconnect to stop a scoring play. Once both flags are in a dropped or returned state, you can stop the game and resume it like you would a Team Anarchy game.

Feel free to ask any #questions you may have regarding Capture the Flag! And most importantly, have fun!
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
There are two tournaments coming up next week!

First is the final One-Day Tournament of the year, a completely off-the-record event. We will be playing multi-team games where we can! Games will begin promptly at 11 AM Pacific on Sunday, December 29th. The specifics will depend on how many teams sign up, but I highly recommend that where possible the team colors red, green, and white get represented. Because holidays. 🎄

Second is the big one, the Season 2 Championships! As with last season, there will be 2 stages to the tournament. The first will be a two-group, triple round robin group stage that starts Tuesday, December 31 at 4 PM Pacific. The second stage will finish up with a 6-team knockout bracket, complete with a third place match that starts Sunday, January 18 at 4 PM Pacific. More specifics on this tournament will be given as we draw closer to the event, but do get your roster changes and home levels in order before the start of the event, as both will be locked at the start of the tournament.

The start of the Championships also coincides with the start of Season 3! Capture the Flag games will be available to be played as soon as version 3 of the bot is loaded on to the server, which will be around 4 PM Pacific on December 31. More details will be given on this new game type later in the week.
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
Team Invidia prevailed in the Monsterball tournament with a perfect 4-0 record! While Monsterball is fun, there are several issues that we'd like to work out before considering adding it to the league, but for now we're glad to be able to give it some representation within the league!

With the latest version of the bot, 2.1.1, the team roster cap size has been increased from 8 to 10. We've seen a pattern where there aren't enough players willing to lead a team, and existing teams that have slots have valid reasons to keep their sizes under the league maximum. Meanwhile, teams that could accept new players are left with their hands tied as they are already at 8 players. This cap will be monitored, and if necessary increased again, but not until after the conclusion of Season 2.
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