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Posted by [3Q] roncli,
The Three Queens take their second consecutive One-Day Tournament, going undefeated en route to a 4-0 record. With this tournament complete, that means that Junebug, Mesa, and Turnstile are in rotation for maps you can choose from in the league.

The next one-day tournament will be Sunday May 26th at 11 AM Pacific! We will again be adding 3 new maps to the rotation. This month, prepare yourselves for wind tunnels, teleporters, and plenty of vertical play!

First up, it's another Overload DLC 1 challenge map, this time we have TBDB by @[PTMC] Miasmic! This is a 4 story map with plenty of different kinds of spaces to fight in. Download at, and be sure you have the current version, v2.0.

Next up is another @[PTMC] Miasmic DLC 1 challenge mode entry, Belted! This is unique in that it's the first map in the league that uses the indoor alien level textures, and also has a single teleporter that takes you from the top level to the bottom and vice versa! Download at, and be sure you have the current version, v2.0.

Finally, our small map is a recent entry from @Yinut, it's Tryhard! This map will challenge teams to figure out how to use the two wind tunnels properly to get to where they need to be! Download at

These maps are nominated and voted on by team founders and captains, so if there are maps you want to see in the league, be sure to communicate with your team's leadership!

Be sure you have olproxy ready to go, and if you're having any trouble setting it up be sure to contact @[3Q] roncli or @Arne.

Also a reminder to teams that there is a month and a half remaining in the season, which ends July 1 midnight UTC. That will immediately be followed by the group stage for the Season 1 OTL Championship Tournament!
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
Congratulations to Post Terran Mining Corp for taking their first tournament of the season, and it was a big one, the Mid-Season Invitational! This means that they automatically will have the top seed for the Season 1 Championship tournament at the end of the season and will not be required to play in the group stage. See for all the results from the tournament.

More details regarding the exact format of the Season 1 Championship tournament will be given in June, but expect a two week double round robin stage followed by a 4 team knockout stage. If the league happens to get more teams before then we might add a qualifing stage as well.

In the meantime, we are ready to unveil the April 2019 One-Day Tournament, happening Sunday April 28th at 11 AM Pacific! As with the last tournament, we will be debuting 3 new maps, adding them to the league's official map pool when the tournament is complete.

First up, we'll be including one of the Overload DLC 1's challenge maps, Turnstile by @[PTMC] Miasmic! This map features large, open spaces for intense team fights. Download at, and be sure you have the current version, v3.0.

Next up is the map Mesa by @iNv Revstro! This maps many tunnels will turn dogfights into odd man advantages very quickly if you're not paying attention. Download at, and be sure you have the current version, v5.0.

And finally we'll be hitting the showers with another classic, it's Junebug, ported by @terminal! The tri-level design makes it very easy to pop in and out of rooms very quickly. Download at

As with the previous tournament, be sure you have olproxy ready to go, and if you're having any trouble with olproxy be sure to get in touch with @[3Q] roncli or @Arne.
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
Our first custom map tournament has been completed, and The Three Queens has come out on top with an undefeated 4-0 record! Thanks to everyone for playing today and sticking with us through the several disconnect issues that came up throughout the day, which thankfully were not server-related!

With the conclusion of the tournament, that means that Sub Rosa, Burning Indika, and Keg Party are now available for teams to use as home maps. Note that teams must have a minimum of one stock map. Look for more to be added in the April One-Day Tournament, coming at you on Sunday, April 28th!

Also, the setting for "Show Enemy Names: Normal" has been agreed to be a permanent rule change by the teams. That setting is now the default setting for OTL matches.

Next, we'll go right into the Season 1 Mid-Season Invitational. Sorry Guys and Team Invidia have earned a first round bye, which leaves The Three Queens to face DynaCore Enterprises and Post Terran Mining Corp to play Old Man Gaming in the quarterfinals. Games are due by Sunday, April 7th 5 PM Pacific Time. Good luck everyone!
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
The Season 1 Mid-Season Invitational Tournament kicks off April 1! This is a single-elimination knockout tournament among the top 6 teams! The standings as of 4/1 will determine the seeding for the tournament.

Round one will begin 4/1 and last exactly 7 days, with the 3rd seed playing the 6th seed and the 5th seed playing the 4th seed. Round two begins 4/8, also lasting 7 days, with the 1st seed playing the lowest remaining seed and the 2nd seed playing the highest remaining seed. The finals of the tournament begin 4/15, also lasting 7 days, with the remaining two teams vying for the mid-season championship. The winner will get a bye directly into the knockout stage of the OTL Championship Tournament at the end of the season!

Each round is a best of 3 that you can play all in one sitting or spread it throughout the week. The top seed in each matchup gets home map and home server in the first and third games. I'll setup the match rooms for each round, so you don't have to worry about manually creating the matches yourself!

Also keep in mind that team rosters will be LOCKED while teams are participating in the tournament... that means no adds, and no leaves (unless you leave the OTL altogether). Be sure your roster is in order by the time the tournament begins! Rosters will become unlocked as teams are eliminated.

Good luck, and may the best team win!

(Note: All dates in this post assume a time of midnight UTC.)
Posted by [3Q] roncli,
The next OTL one-day tournament is approaching, and will occur Sunday, March 31 starting at 11 AM Pacific time! This time around, we're going to be adding to the OTL map pool! For the tournament, whoever is the home team will get to choose from three ports of classic Descent levels.

If you like to think of your Team Anarchy games as one big party, you can choose Keg Party, ported by @[PTMC] luponix! With 3 dogfighting rooms of varying sizes and a metric Kodachi-load of tunnels connecting them, this map is suitable for large team games. Download at

For those who like to light it up, check out Burning Indika, ported by @terminal! A nice mid-sized option, this map features some roomy corridors and some pretty unique geometry. Download at

And for those who like to keep things personal, there's Sub Rosa, a port of Black Rose by @[PTMC] CHILLY_BUS! You'll enjoy the classic Black Rose tunnel ratting experience along with a unique take on the ceiling in the main dogfighting room. Download at

These all require that we use private servers, so if anyone has servers they'd like to make available for that day, please let us know in the #server-requests channel.

Also, everyone will need to make sure they have the latest olproxy software, so visit for instructions on how to get and use the latest version. If you're having trouble, please get in touch with @[3Q] roncli or @Arne for help!

Upon the conclusion of the tournament, these three maps will be officially added to the official OTL map pool. Further, April's, May's, and June's One-Day Tournament will all add three more maps to the map pool as well, with the team founders deciding which maps will be added.
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